Good afternoon all,

Things are changing day by day. Now that we will be doing a two week “adaptive pause” along with not having all information for all programs we have to make some adjustments. This means our pick in December is being pushed until January 2021. Good news….because of this we took the opportunity to bring up discussion on creating a new MOU for drivers & assistants. We are currently negotiating those new terms and hope to share with you all soon. Thank you so much for the support and your patience.

Thank you Heather Weiss

Email from Tony Sanders
11/16/20 at 6:00pm
Adaptive Pause from Nov. 23 to Dec. 4
This morning, the Kane County Health Department provided guidance saying U-46 needs to take “adaptive pause” effective November 23 through December 4. They believe we will be okay continuing with our current plans for this week, then strictly offering distance learning for all students effective November 23rd.
I will meet with the Kane County Health Department again on November 30 and December 2 in the event we need to consider extending the adaptive pause.
While we are on this adaptive pause, all administrators and all 12-month staff members will need to continue working from our buildings to support teachers who may choose to teach from their classrooms.
Further, we will not change teacher assignments for grades 3rd through 6th until the adaptive pause ends. Professional development scheduled for November 19 and 20 will continue.
A message to families will be sent this evening at 7 p.m. Please respect our communication timeline and avoid posting anything until after 7 p.m. I was attempting to give you enough lead time to process before we send a message to the community.
Tony Sanders
Superintendent School District U-46
847-888-5000 ext. 5007 (Office)


School Board meeting tonight at 7pm.

As part of American Education Week beginning, Monday, November 16th and Education Support Professionals Day on Wednesday, November 18th, the Board of Education will be recognizing ESP’s for the work we have done, especially this year in such an unprecedented time

Zoom Webinar which the public may join live at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81429354372.

The meeting will livestream simultaneously on the District’s YouTube Channel.

Need a DUTU calendar?  Got a hat, scarf, glove donation?  Need a DUTU lanyard?
Shawn Bernhardson will be at
Shales Pkwy lot tomorrow Tuesday 11/17
8:15am – 9:00am
Heather Weiss will be at
Chicago St lot tomorrow Tuesday 11/17
9:00am – 9:30am
Email from Beth Lapa
11/13 at 6:38pm
Happy Friday evening everyone! I will make this short…
We are coming to an end with this posting cycle….just a few more things to wrap up. Again, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your patience, flexibility and understanding.
Tomorrow morning (Saturday 11/14/20) we will have all route information for middle and high schools sent out to the team for reference over the weekend. If you have a school to transport on Monday, we have finalized that communication to those drivers . All remaining drivers who were assigned work will be contacted tomorrow with route detail and will need to dry run their assignments on Monday, 11/16/2020.
We will have a few office staff in the building tomorrow morning, so if you have any questions, please feel free to call into the main line at 847-888-5095, and we would be happy to speak with you.
Thank you team for everything you do!
Take care and stay safe.
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
Email from Jeff Prowell
11/13/20 at 12:44pm
First Week Back
Happy Friday!
If you are old enough to remember the sitcom “The Facts of Life” from the late 70’s and early 80’s, then you certainly remember the theme song, “You take the good, you take the bad, take them both and there you have the facts of life.” When we are all back together I will sing it for you.
So, let’s start with the good. I was immensely impressed with the social distancing and masking wearing that I observed this week. We asked employees to stay out of the building and we had tremendous cooperation on this front. The majority of drivers and assistants came in, did their work, and left. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We did hear from a couple of schools that students arrived at school without a mask on. Reminder, if a student shows up at a stop with no mask on, you need to give them one. All buses were supplied with additional masks that can be given to students. Please use them.
Next, the not so good (bad). Many employees are not completing the self certification online in the morning prior to arriving at work. This is a district requirement and not optional. It is easy to do and we can assist you in learning how to do it if you don’t know how.
The Bad! I am going to be very honest with all of you. Not knowing how to login to your district email is not our problem. It is yours and you need to own it. You are adults. This is your job. I have been here 3 years and I have been talking about the importance of checking your district email since I got here. You are responsible for what is sent in emails, you are responsible for GCN, you are responsible for in-service training, you are responsible for open enrollment, and the list goes on and on. To complete all of these things, you need to know how to login. Again, it’s your job, your email……….OWN IT.
I will close by saying that we need your continued patience and understanding. There is a lot of last minute information and communication that is forced down to Transportation and then we have to get it out to all of you very quickly. I know it is not fun. I know it makes life difficult sometimes. However, I want to remind you of two things. First, the district took what I believe was exceptional care of all drivers and assistants by paying all of you up to 7 hours per day with no work performed. You may not think that is exceptional….I do. Second, we are here to provide children with access to their education. You’ve heard me say it before and I live it. I will not tell Mr. Sanders, the Board of Education, parents, teachers, or administrators that we can’t get their kids to school because we didn’t get the information in a timely manner. I just will not do that.
Please stay safe and healthy. Thanks for all you do.
Jeffrey S. Prowell
Director of Transportation
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL 60120
Email from Tony Sanders
11/13/20 at 1:45pm
Weekly Message – Nov. 13, 2020
I am writing this at 12:45 p.m. on Friday the 13th. I have the same level of anxiety and angst as I did eight months ago on our last Friday the 13th. That was March 13, the day Governor Pritzker announced a stay-at-home order that affected everything, including public schools.
Two hours away from his update, I do not know what the Governor will say this Friday the 13th. I do not know what this weekend will bring. I do not know what I will be told Monday when I have my next weekly meetings with our local health departments.
Here’s what I do know: we have an amazing team who was able to safely bring back Pre-K-2nd grade students this week. Serving these youngest learners, along with students who need specialized services, has been our priority, and we’ve demonstrated we have safety plans that will support their learning.
We have worked to prioritize the health and safety of students and staff above all other priorities. We will continue to do so as future decisions are made.
I appreciate your continued flexibility as we all learn to pivot and adapt to new circumstances on nearly an hourly basis.
Before I close out this message, let me apologize that our self-certification website went down this morning. The server crashed. It was an inopportune time given this was our first week of using it. We will work to ensure that does not occur again.
All my best,


Email from Beth Lapa
11/12/20 at 6:02pm

Posting Cycle #13 Important Update

Three evening emails in a row from us…..aren’t you all lucky.

As you can see in the Master sheet, we are working our way through our postings. This has really proved to be one of the most challenging posting cycles for the office to work through. The dedication from the Transportation office staff has been absolutely amazing. Thank you team!

With this being said, we need to alter our dry run days. There are only a small number of HS only routes that will be riding on Monday. Those individuals will be able to dry run in the PM tomorrow. Additional communication will be made with those employees.

Assignments will be finalized and communicated tomorrow morning. I encourage you to review the Master sheet to stay up to date on these assignments.

Posting Cycle #13 Master

We understand this is an alter in the schedule that we previously put out, and we truly thank you for your flexibility and patience.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care and stay safe.

Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020

Email from Beth Lapa
11/11/20 at 5:31pm

Good Evening Everyone,

We wanted to give the team an update on cycle #13.

This posting will be taken down at 12 PM tomorrow, Thursday, 11/12/20. With as much work as this posting cycle will be to assign accordingly, additional time is needed to prepare you as support staff for Friday’s dry run and start up on Monday. If any of you need assistance with viewing the posting master or the detailed routes, please do not hesitate to contact us via email/phone.

Second, in order to try and maintain consistency with our support staff, students and campuses, we will be assigning PM runs that match to the AM runs that either you pick or get assigned. Also, for the majority of individuals that are choosing or being assigned runs, there will most likely be a middle AND high school run tiered together.
Please note, we will be assigning this work based upon contract language, with keeping seniority and time/location in mind.

We understand this is not typical for our posting process and our routes look completely different than previous years, however, we are trying our hardest to maintain some consistency with our routes and bottom line…deliver our students to their campuses for in person learning.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. The office is open from 5 am to 5 pm.

We appreciate all of you! Thank you.

Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020

Email from Beth Lapa

11/10 at 8:31pm

Posting Cycle #13 and Self Certification Reporting System

Good Evening Team,

What a great first day back for our prek-2 students. The day was definity a success in light of very new district safety protocols to adhere to, half of our team driving buses for the first time in 8 months and a new way of operating at Transportation.
We have really accomplished a lot these past few months! You should all feel proud to be part of such an amazing team.

Please reference the following links to Posting Cycle #13 Master and the Google Folder containing all the scans of our middle school and high school small group runs. These runs are for students who need in person instruction for areas like welding, fine arts and automotive. These runs look more similar in times to our normal school year routes. This work begins this coming Monday, 11/16/2020 and runs Monday – Friday, with similar student hybrid ridership as our elementary runs.

Posting Cycle #13 Master

Google Folder of Run Detail

These runs will be posted for viewing until Thursday, 11/12/20 at 2 PM. Please call into main dispatch @ 847-888-5095 with your selections of these runs. Any work that does not get picked, will be assigned by seniority and time/location.

Dry run will be on Friday 11/13/20, worked within your current Friday commitments.

Self Certification Reporting System
You should have all received an email from Info Info today regarding the district’s self-certification system. This system is now fully operational and should be completed every morning PRIOR to the start of your shift and entering any U-46 school bus and/or building. I have included below the link to the reporting system and an attachment including a QR code for easy scanning. We will be running reports daily in the early morning to determine who has not self certified for the day. Please expect a touch base from management if you do not certify, ensuring you are healthy for the day’s commitments.
If you have any questions regarding access to the system, please contact Help desk at HelpDesk@u-46.org or at 847-888-5000 x4295.
You can also call our main dispatch for general questions on self certifying.

Self Certify Link

As always, we are here to support you in any way we can. We all have the same goals in mind. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues, concerns, ideas and/or suggestions. During these times, more than ever, we need to pull together as a team to do what needs to be accomplished in order for our students to continue their education.

We appreciate all of you. Take care.

Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020

General Membership Meeting
Wednesday November 11. 2020
Join on your computer or mobile app

Insurance open enrollment (October 23rd – November 10th)

Helpful Links
Network/Google Password Change/Reset
Instructions on how to add Self Certify as a shortcut on your mobile device home screen
https://www.u-46.org/Page/17609 (see pages 6-7) – also included pics below
Staff Intranet – log in to review U-46 Pandemic Safety Procedures https://www.u-46.org/site/Default.aspx?PageType=7&SiteID=10261 Username = first and last name with no spaces Password = same one your self certified with
To all those affected by Covid-19,
We Care
We are sending this to let you know
We think of you each day,
And pray for your recovery,
Hoping soon you’ll be okay.
You’re going through a lot right now;
Hold on to your positive attitude,
And when things get hard to bear,
Know that we are here for you;
Remember that we care.
With love from your
DUTU Governing Council and all your friends from Transportation.
Email from John Heiderscheidt
11/6/20 at 4:19pm
Dear U-46 Colleagues,
This is a message going to all staff members. As more staff and students return to our buildings, we wanted to take a moment to emphasize the importance of following the four critical safety measures: self certify before entering a U-46 building, properly wear a face covering or mask, maintain a social distance of at least six feet, and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
As you may be aware, the State Board of Education’s pandemic guidance requires all individuals to self-certify that they are free of symptoms of COVID-19 before entering school buildings, facilities, or buses on a daily basis. Starting on Monday, Nov. 9, all employees are required to complete a web-based questionnaire to verify or “certify” they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before they enter U-46 buildings each day. As students return to buildings for limited in-person instruction, their parents will use the same program each morning to certify their children are symptom-free before arriving at school. Your participation in this new process is an important part of our efforts to maintain a safe working and learning environment.
The web-based form is found at https://district.u-46.org/selfCertify/login.cfm. It can be accessed from a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can bookmark the link. Here are step-by-step directions for self certification for staff and families with information on how you can add a shortcut to your iphone or Android mobile phone.
Again, all employees must complete this quick two-question form every day before arriving to work at any U-46 site. If you are working remotely, using a benefit day, or if it is a holiday or weekend, there is no need to self certify. Employees who have children attending in-person instruction at U-46 schools will be able to certify them at the same time.
You will log into the self-certification program using your U-46 username and password and answer two questions. If you answer “yes” to the first question about symptoms, you will be asked an additional question to determine if the symptoms you are reporting are related to a possible pre-existing condition. At the end of the process, you will either see a green checkmark clearing you to report to work, or a red exclamation point informing you to stay home and contact your supervisor. It is the responsibility of all employees to report to their supervisor if they are sick and cannot work due to illness.
What happens next:
This program keeps track of all staff and students who self-certify before attending work or school. The responses are treated as private health data and can only be accessed by administrators and school nurses.
In the case of student self-certification, a building principal, associate principal, assistant principal and school nurse will have access to daily reports showing which students have completed the requirement, which students have not, and which students reported symptoms. The school nurse, with the assistance of school administration, will check in with students who either indicate having symptoms or did not complete the self-certify requirement. Each morning we will be checking the reports. Parents or guardians who do not complete the self-certification requirement will face the possibility of having their children sent home. Principals will communicate with parents or guardians who do not complete the self-certification process each day.
For staff certification, administrators in each department or school building will have access to the employee data reports for their area of responsibility. Each morning the administrator will review the data and check on employees who completed certifications, employees who did not complete certifications, or employees who reported symptoms. If an employee reports symptoms, it is the employee’s responsibility to contact their supervisor. Staff who do not complete the self-certification process will be contacted by their supervisor and reminded to use the web-based self-certification form.
More information on the District’s safety procedures can be found on the School Safety & Culture section of the Intranet here, including flowcharts that outline the notification process if a student or staff member becomes ill with COVID-19; a table of open, closed, and positive cases in the District; and other safety measures. Much of this same information is available to our community on our public facing COVID-19 District website. Additionally, with thanks to several of our elementary principals, students and transportation department, we have developed a safety video that covers the important safety measures for all.
We recognize that the self-certification form is another new process, and we appreciate your assistance, patience and flexibility. If you have questions on the self-certification form or concerns on any other COVID-19-related safety procedures, please contact your supervisor.
John Heiderscheidt
Director of School Safety & Culture
School District U-46
Email from Beth Lapa at 4:27pm
Good Afternoon Transportation Team, 
As we prepare to bring back another group of students, we wanted to go over a few things with you.
DRY RUN DAYS 11/6 and 11/9
When you arrive at 500 Shales, please stop at one of our tables along the backside of the shop to acquire a bus key and your route book.  Every driver will be provided their own bus key.  You will have to sign for the key and it will be $5 for a replacement, so please keep this key in a safe location.  If you have any other bus keys in your possession, please turn them in at that time. 
After your check in, please proceed with your dry run.  Please ensure to perform a thorough pre-trip inspection prior to departure.  If there are immediate issues that need to be taken care of, please pull up to the shop and they will address your needs.
If you have issues with your route or need to speak with a manager post your dry run, we will be outside at the same tables you retrieve your key and route books from.  We will talk through your concerns at that time.   
Stand Bys – Please also check in at the table to receive your key and your assignment.
Please ring the bell at the west-side door and an office staff member will meet you with your bus key, signature form, route book and/or assistant folder.  
Upon completing your thorough pre-trip, if you have any issues with your bus, there is a mechanic on site to assist, please radio in and the mechanic will meet you to trouble-shoot any issues. 
Post your dry run, if you have concerns with your route and need to speak with a member of management, please radio in and we will accommodate accordingly.  
Please ensure to complete open enrollment for your benefits.  Open enrollment ends 11/10/2020.  Remember, even if you are keeping all your selections the same and are not making any modifications, you still need to log in and select no changes.  If you need assistance with your enrollment or have questions, please email the Benefits department at Benefits@u-46.org.
There are 7 COVID-19 GCN tutorials that must be completed by the end of the day today, 11/5/2020.  This directive has been given by our Superintendent Tony Sanders.  If you are experiencing issues on completing these tutorials, please speak with a member of management on your dry run day.  Please note, these are very quick tutorials, please do not delay in completing them.
The district has created a self-certification link for ALL district staff.  We will have more information to come in the next week.  Stay tuned……
Please ensure to wear your mask at all times, no exceptions.  Your mask must cover your nose and mouth.  
Also, I know this time will be exciting due to the fact that you have not seen each other in a while…but please practice social distancing.  Please stay 6 feet apart from each other.  We will be providing friendly reminders if needed, to ensure all of our staff stay safe and healthy….  
As always, we are here for you all.  Please do not hesitate to come speak with Jeff, myself, or a member of management with any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments. 
Take care.  Stay safe.  Thank you for all you do!
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020

ESP Alert. Vote to Protect your Pension. The IMRF Trustee Election has started!

You helped get them on the ballot, now it’s time to cast your vote! The IEA is supporting our own Hugh Cunningham, the co-president of the Triad Custodial and Maintenance Association along with Tracie Mitchell of AFSCME Local 268 in the upcoming Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Trustee election. A ballot and postage-paid return envelope were mailed at the end of October to all active ESPs. Ballots must be returned by December 4. Please spread the word with your ESP colleagues and place this poster in your breakrooms on the association boards.

School Board meeting tonight at 7pm
Zoom Webinar which the public may join live at
Email from Beth Lapa
11/2/2020 at 10:44am
Good Morning All, 
As we prepare for grades Prek – 2 to return, there are several items we would like to communicate with you. 
Dry runs will be on Friday, 11/6 and Monday, 11/9.  Your dry run assignment is listed on the Posting Cycle #11 spreadsheet…Posting Cycle #11.  We will also be making phone calls to the individuals that will dry run for confirmation.  Please run your AM route(s) in real-time.  You can then run your PM directly after your AM.  Please remember, over the next few days we will be making additional assignments for mid-days/partials.  If you are interested, please ensure to call the main line and communicate your picks.  You can also email management with your choices and/or any questions.  These runs will be reflected in your route books on your dry run days. 
On your dry run day, your route books and your PPE kits will be on your bus.  We will also have office staff handing out bus keys.  This was discussed in our in-service.  Every driver will receive and sign for their own key.  All other keys that you have in your possession, please return them to the staff at the time you receive your new bus key.  
FLEET INSPECTORS (assigned to 500 Shales)
Please report to 500 Shales at 8:30 AM on 11/9/2020 for training and lot assignments.
If you have not completed the following, you MUST complete by Tuesday, 11/10/2020.  We do have staff calling individuals to follow up on the completion of the In-Service Presentations, so if you have not yet completed them, please expect a call from management and to complete by the return on 11/10.
  • In-Service Presentations (ALL)
  • Mandatory COVID-19 GCN Videos (7)
  1. COVID-19 Identifying Symptoms 

  2. COVID-19 Plan, Prepare, and Respond 

  3. COVID-19 How to Wear a Mask 

  4. COVID-19 Maintaining a Healthy School Environment

  5. COVID-19 Proper Handwashing 

  6. COVID-19 Wear a Cloth Face Covering 

  7. COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines

The District is closed and no transportation will be provided to any campus, in district or out of district.  This is a non-paid holiday for 10 mos staff.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  The office is open from 5 am – 5 pm.  
Thank you for all that you do.  Talk soon and stay safe. 
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
November 2, 2020
Over 1,500 of your U-46 colleagues have already completed their enrollments….have you?!?
If you have not already done so*, login to Munis Self-Service today to choose your 2021 benefits!
Not sure what to choose? Talk to Alex to learn what’s best for you and your family.
Enrollment ends November 10th.
If you are eligible but do not enroll, you will be automatically enrolled in: Silver HDHP medical plan & Dental – both at Single coverage only
REMEMBER: If you qualify for insurance, you must enroll, even if:
1) You are a new employee; 2) You want to keep the same plans; or
3) You don’t need the U-46 coverage (you must waive every year)
QUESTIONS? Email Benefits@U-46.org
Beth Berg
Coordinator Employee Benefits
School District U-46
(847) 888-5000 x 5761
“Hello DUTU members,  below please find nomination forms for our upcoming election on December 8, 2020. We will be electing four (4) delegates to the IEA-RA from DUTU. Also, we will be electing someone to fill out the remaining term of our Region 63 Vice Chair, and lastly we will be electing a Region 63 Ethnic Minority delegate to the IEA-RA.  If you would like to nominate yourself or another individual for any of these positions, please fill out the appropriate form from those below, and return it as per instructions on the form.”
Election Nomination Pic
Collette Cruz, DUTU Election Chair.
Posted 10/29 at 6:05pm
Drum Roll please…….here is our elected council and officers. Congrats and thanks to everyone for their patience while I confirmed some chair positions.
  • Heather Weiss (President)
  • Macy Morales (Vice President)
  • Shawn Bernhardson (Secretary)
  • Sheri Slania (Treasurer)
  • Grievance (Tina Semock)
  • Bylaws & Legislation (Jay Niehus)
  • Newsletter (Open)
  • Social & sunshine (Girolamo Ciolino)
  • Health & Safety (Mary Boyd
  • Membership (Debby Beaupre)
  • Audit (Kristal Day)
  • Field trips (Tony Polgar)
  • Accident review (Joe Haubert)
  • Election (Collette Cruz)
  • Benefit resources (Lis Lewis)
  • Technology (Sharon Jackson)
  • Staff development (Deneen Valenti)
  • Student Discipline (Sam Lowe)
  • Association Rep. (Liane Pizzo)
10/27 at 5:04 PM
Dear U-46 Team:
Below is our latest update to families that will be sent this evening. Please note in here my call regarding the importance of wearing our masks, keeping our distance, and washing our hands. Mask wearing is especially important and you should wear one at all times while at work unless you are inside an enclosed office or classroom.
Masks below the nose, or below the chin, do not work. Masks must fully cover your nostrils and down to your chin, and fit tightly against your cheeks. If you see a colleague (including me) not following our protocols, it is incumbent on you to say something.
Further, we have GCN tutorials that are required in regards to protecting each other during this pandemic. At this time, between less than 40% of our team have completed these tutorials. Your login and access code were provided to you most recently on October 19.
Thank you for all your hard work,
Our return of students in grades Pre-K through 2nd for those choosing the hybrid model will begin the week of November 9 (assuming local health authorities continue to support). As a reminder, our model calls for Monday to be online synchronous instruction days, so in-person days will begin November 10.
We also will be communicating in early November the return-to-learn plans for grades 3 through 6, and opportunities for middle and high school.
I want to address a few of the questions I have received about why we had to delay our reopening of Pre-K to 2nd.
1) Why not allow families the option to drop their child off at school?
Nearly 2,000 parents indicated they plan to use district transportation when their student returns for in-person instruction. Many of these families are unable to provide transportation, potentially leaving many students without access to their in-person days of instruction. Further, carpooling could not be encouraged because of the social distancing and mask-wearing expectations.
2) Why would two cases of COVID-19 cause a delay?
I am truly sorry that we had an outbreak (defined as two or more cases of COVID-19 that can be tied together by a setting) in our Transportation Department. At this time, five department staff have tested positive and the remaining members of the team must quarantine for 14 days.
Our Transportation Department on Shales Parkway maintains most of the staff members who route and dispatch buses. It is not possible to run as many buses necessary for Pre-K to 2nd grade without dispatchers. Our first days of school for any school year is a hectic time in this department. Buses may run late as drivers learn their routes. Parents must be at bus stops for the earliest learners, which can also slow things down. Things sometimes go wrong and sometimes students miss a bus. Without our great team of dispatchers and routers, we would be unable to be responsive to parents calling about their child’s bus, or to advise and route drivers, among other critical functions.
These employees cannot work from home to do this work, either. They would not have their phone lines, our GPS system access, and so forth. This is a job that requires team members to collaborate very quickly and remain in constant communication with each other while in the same room.
To prevent this from happening again, I have re-emphasized to all employees the importance of following health guidelines: Wear a mask, keep six feet of distance, and wash hands regularly. If we do this, we can keep each other safe. If you see a U-46 employee not following our guidelines, please say something to them. If that does not work, send me a Let’s Talk and I will personally address it.
I implore patience from everyone. We will all need to be flexible as our local health metrics are demonstrating substantial spread of COVID-19. Our decisions continue to be informed by our local health authorities. While Cook, DuPage and Kane counties are back in “substantial spread,” the DuPage County Health Department stated last week that “school officials are encouraged to use their discretion and expertise to determine which populations of students should receive in-person instruction whose needs are less likely to be met by virtual instruction.” The Kane County Health Department concurred and suggested we continue working to serve students, and work towards mitigation at the school level in the event there is a case of COVID-19. However, if further mitigation is implemented at the state or local level for our region, we could be pushed back into remote learning.
I know there are parents who cannot wait for their child to be back to some level of in-person instruction. I know there are also parents who are worried. And I absolutely understand there are staff members who are concerned about their health, and the health of their families.
For those feeling uncertainty, I do understand. I am confident we can return this small group of students safely. Other districts have been in session, including in parts of the state that have already experienced mitigation plans, yet they have found schools are not the primary sources for the spread of COVID-19. We must agree to wear our masks, ensure a physical distance of six feet or more, and regularly wash our hands.
We will continue to remind our staff and families of the importance of these safety measures on our COVID-19 website which includes our new COVID Reporting page that shares the data on our open, closed and confirmed cases since last March.
All my best,
Tony Sanders


October 26, 2020

Here is a list of extensions. Drivers working, Please use this whenever you can to prevent coming inside the building. For everyone else it’s a good way to get ahold of the person you want without having to be transferred.

Office Extensions


October 25, 2020

Personal Belongings Distribution 10/26/2020
This message is from Paulette….
Hi Everyone!
As current events have affected our start up, we will be delaying the “Final Personal Belongings Distribution”.
We will let you know the new date when it is able to be scheduled.
Stay well!
Paulette Walsh
Vehicle Technology Manager



Letter from Jeff Prowell regarding COVID-19 Update – Confirmed Case

10212020 Transportation Department-Staff Only-Confirmed case-No closure


FYI…..the fleet inspector positions that are posted will be paid at your current pay rate or $18.24 which ever is greater.

***Also, if you are an assistant you will be receiving a call asking if you are interested in fleet inspecting and if you are you will receive a pick time to allow you to pick fleet.

Email from Carin Bjorn

10/19 at 1:38pm

GCN Training

An email was sent from Human Resources to ALL district employees as a reminder to complete the training tutorials. I know some of you have not completed them all and have been given an extension. Most of our Transportation Team is in compliance. Please do not be worried or concerned wondering if you have met the commitment. I know who has and who has not,

I’m sorry for any anxiety this may have caused as this was not the intent of Human Resources. Now, for those that haven’t completed it, your deadline is fast approaching! Get it done *.*

Carin Bjorn
Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation


Email from Beth Berg
October 19 at 7:10am

Our Open Enrollment period for your 2021 benefits is right around the corner. It begins on October 23rd and ends on November 10th.

This is your only chance this year to make changes to your health insurance plans without having to prove a major life change—like getting married, divorced, or adding a child to your family. To help you find the plan that best fits your needs, School District U-46 is bringing back ALEX®, the virtual benefits counselor,

If you used ALEX last year, you should know that it’s been updated with our new plan information, and fortified with new boredom-busting vitamins and minerals.

If you’re new to ALEX, you should know:

1. It’s personalized, so you can see which plan makes the most sense for YOU, not your coworkers, or your boss, or even me, your local benefits genius.
2. It’s fun to use. There’s no boring insurance jargon or complicated legal jibber-jabber.
3. It’s confidential, so you can get the guidance you need without revealing all of your personal information.

You can discover your lowest-cost, best-coverage health plan option—or see if your current plan choice is the best one for you—from any computer, tablet, or smartphone at http://www.myalex.com/districtu46/2021.

Email from Jeff Prowell
10/16/2020 at 10:23am

Hybrid Instruction

To All,

Happy Friday! I wanted to give everyone a heads up about next week and the week after that. The following events will be taking place next week and will impact all drivers and assistants that are not currently working.

Tuesday, October 20th 6:00 AM – All big bus routes and a selection of new small bus routes will be posted online for viewing.
Wednesday, October 21st – Postings will remain open for viewing.
Thursday, October 22nd 6:30 AM – Posting will be removed and route selection will begin from the most senior person down. Since there will be work for all we are starting at the top of the seniority list.
Friday, October 23rd – Route selection continues and is complete by the end of the day.

Monday, October 26th – Dry run for all routes selected the previous week.
Tuesday, October 27th – First Day of U-46 Hybrid instruction

A couple of important notes…….
1. Drivers and assistants will be contacted on Monday, October 19th via telephone and will be given their selection time for either Thursday or Friday.
2. ALL drivers and assistants must select a route or be on an approved leave through HR.
3. All drivers AND assistants will be required to watch an online inservice next Friday, October 23rd so they are prepared for the start of hybrid instruction.

We are anxious to welcome the rest of you back. Many of us have been here working daily since May 4th. Please do not respond to this email with questions. If you have questions please call the office and speak to a manager.

See you soon and stay healthy!


Jeffrey S. Prowell
Director of Transportation

Message 10/15/2020

Regularly scheduled InService meeting on 10/23 will be a pre-recorded presentation to view from the comfort of your own home. Details to follow from Beth and Jeff.
DUTU Election Results

*Please note for the Governing Council Chairs a person can only hold one position. We will make calls to those that may need to choose which position they want to hold. Also, the elected officers can not hold an additional chair. Once we get that done we will post updated Governing Council.


Hello DUTU Members,

Please see the special edition newsletter with candidate statements for the upcoming DUTU election on October 6, 2020 at Lords Park East Shelter from 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

Special Edition Election Newsletter


Sample ballots

for DUTU election on October 6, 2020 at Lords Park.
12:30pm – 5:30pm

DUTU Sample officer ballot 2020

DUTU Committee Chairpersons Election ballot -October 6 2020 -SAMPLE


DUTU’s return to work survey results


DUTU local election notice!!!!

October 6, 2020
Lords Park
East Shelter
12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
See detailed PDF below
General Membership Meeting
September 9, 2020 – 5:30 pm
Virtual – Microsoft TEAMS
See attached for more info


August 13, 2020
The Taylor Family YMCA of Elgin is offering daily childcare services, including care specifically for the children of U-46 staff members. To find more details and contact information, please click here. Locations will be determined based on the number of responses received.
Thank you.
Email from Beth Lapa
8/12/20 at 3:29pm
Work Available Next Week Starting 8/17/2020
Good Afternoon Everyone,
I hope that you are all well, safe and staying busy.
We have some new work available starting next week (August 17th) that we need to get assigned. Some of the work is for Athletic Trips and one is for a new Assistant Route. Please see the link below for specifics on time, date, location, type of work and number of buses for the trips.
Our deadline for sign up for this work is 12:00 pm on Friday 8/14/2020.
We will then assign the work based upon seniority.
If there are any questions, please call and speak with either Tina or a Route Manager @ 847-888-5095. The office hours are 5 am – 5 pm.
Thank you,
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
August 7, 2020
Hope this helps for now. I’m working on calendar and hope to have soon.
August 4, 2020 – Memo from DUTU Officers
Hope this helps with answering some of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to a DUTU Officers.
Email from Jeff Prowell
August 3, 2020 at 1:06pm
Please note we will have additional details out soon.
Out of District Route Bid and Remote Learning Pay for Drivers and Assistants
Transportation Team,
Below are the three options for pay during this period with out of district routes and remote learning:
1. Any driver or assistant who takes work will receive 7 hrs or clock time whichever is greater.
2. Any driver or assistant who does not get work and look-back* is 7 hrs or greater will be paid 7 hrs.
3. Any driver or assistant who does not get work and look-back* is less than 7 hrs will be paid look-back hrs.
*look back hours will be from May 2020
Drivers and assistants can pass on work as long as their seniority permits them to do so. If a large number of employees pass, the work will be forced on the lower seniority drivers and assistants. If you are forced (assigned) a route and you decline you will be required to use sick time or seek a leave of absence through Human Resources or you will not be paid.
Drivers and assistants who select work will be locked into that assignment until the period of full remote learning is over. The main reason behind this is the safety of drivers, assistants, and students. It is imperative that changes are minimized to reduce the exposure to students and staff. If you select work and then drop it, you will not have the opportunity to bid on any new work until the period of full remote learning ends. As of right now, hybrid learning is scheduled to begin October 26th at the earliest.
This policy/procedure is being formulated into a Memorandum of Understanding between U-46 and DUTU.
This MOU will expire on December 31, 2020. The issue will be revisited at that time if needed.
I hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing some of you in the near future. Please remember that pick starts tomorrow morning. Stay safe.
Jeffrey S. Prowell


Email from Beth Lapa
July 31, 2020 3:45pm
Fall Pick Round #1 – 8/5/2020 and 8/6/2020
Good Afternoon Everyone,
I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying the end of this beautiful summer.
As many of you know, our private placement students are starting back to school beginning as early as 8/10/2020. This means we will be having a small pick next week.
Our timeline is as follows:
8/3/2020 and 8/4/2020 – Viewing days. The routes will be posted electronically by 6 am on Monday, 8/3/2020 and will be available through pick. During these two days, please call our main line with any questions or concerns, so we can address any issues prior to your pick time. We will also have a summary listing of routes posted which will be kept in real time during our pick days.
8/5/2020 and 8/6/2020 – Pick days (via phone). Please reference the link below for your pick times. At your stated pick time window, a member of Management will be calling you to confirm your pick selection. Once all routes have been assigned, we will send out a mass email and robo call notifying all of the close of pick.
Dry Run and Inservice – We will have a scheduled dry run and mini in-service day for the employees that will be coming back to work in the field. We will provide this schedule to those who choose a route on their pick day. During this mini inservice, Management will present the current protocol on pupil transportation during this COVID pandemic and the policies/procedures we have put into place to keep you and our students safe.
I understand there are many questions that have not been answered as of today. Please know that your DUTU Leadership and Transportation Administration are working diligently in obtaining those answers for you. Please expect to receive additional information Monday or Tuesday of next week.
As always, please do not hesitate to call the main line at 847-888-5095 to speak with a member of the office staff regarding any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you all for your patience and continued support through these times. Please take care and stay safe.
Talk soon,
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
July 31, 2020
This is Heather Weiss your DUTU president . I want to take the time to share with you a link that will direct you to U-46 Staff Intranet where you can have access to U-46 Pandemic Procedures and FAQs for returning to school/work. I highly recommend that you take time to click on this provided link https://bit.ly/u46Covid, sign in, click School Safetly & Culture and review “U-46 Pandemic Procedures and FAQs.” (user name is first and last name with no spaces).
July 30, 2020
We are continuing to impact bargain our hours and return to work conditions. We don’t have any facts to share at this time. We will be meeting with administration in the very near future. We understand everyone is anxious. We are putting our all in. Enjoy your night and hope to have some info for you soon.
Here is link for tonights school board meeting. Tonights meeting will include recommendations from the committee/subcommittees on reopening plans for the
2020-2021 SY.
7pm 7/20/20
Fall Pick Times and Dates
June 10, 2020
Telepost phone number
847-888-5001 and enter 5970 #
June 8, 2020 – Unemployment Info & Tips
May 28, 2020
Mike Stevens, thank you for taking the time to reach out to me today and a huge shout out for reaching out to IEA President Kathi Griffin regarding unemployment. Although we did know most of this it is relieving to finally hear someone guide us and say “I encourage you to file a claim for unemployment after the school term ends.”
This message below is an email response from IEA President Kathi Griffin…..
I was able to consult with both our Director of Government Relations and IEA’s General Counsel. This is the answer to your question.
HB 2455, once signed by Governor Pritzker, will expand Illinois’ unemployment insurance program for the calendar year for some Illinois workers. This includes ESPs who have a problem obtaining employment between school terms such as during the summer break. As the law currently exists, educational employees do not qualify for unemployment benefits between school terms if they have a “reasonable expectation” of returning to their job at the start of the next school term. HB 2455, once signed, will temporarily remove the disqualifying factor of being between school terms for certain non-instructional, educational employees. As a result, an ESP who is unemployed or underemployed during the summer break may be eligible for regular unemployment benefits even if they expect to resume work in the fall. In line with IDES’ advice, if you are out of work or have reduced work during the summer break, I encourage you to file a claim for unemployment after the school term ends. The location of this language in HB 2455 can be found on page 69.


May 26, 2020

Dear DUTU Members,

We hope this message finds you well and staying healthy.

We received an email on Sunday May 24, 2020 from IEA President Kathi Griffin. She stated in her email this….

“Unemployment eligibility expansion – Ensures Illinois continues to qualify for federal relief packages by extending unemployment benefits, waiving the one-week unemployment insurance waiting period, and expanding eligibility for unemployment to non-instructional education employees, such as lunch workers and teachers’ aides.”

It is important to know that IDES makes determinations whether someone is eligible and it is done on a case-by-case basis. You should also keep in mind that if you receive benefits, but are later found to be ineligible for whatever reason, you could be liable to pay that money back to the state.

Our original last day of work was May 27, 2020 per approved district calendar. As of now DUTU’s last work day is May 28, 2020. Why you ask? Well…..our work year was extended by 1 day because March 16, 2020 we used an emergency to be paid. However, Governor Pritzker has since labeled March 16, 2020 as an “Act of God” day. Therefore, the district is extending our work year by 1 day along with paying out our remaining 2 emergency days.

Your DUTU officers have been working diligenlty at keeping everyone updated and getting out factual information. Please continue to reveiw the official “DUTU Members Only” facebook page, DUTU’s official website at http://www.mydutu.org and of course your district email.

Thank you and have a great day,

Heather Weiss – DUTU President
Elsy (Macy) Morales – DUTU Vice President
Shawn Bernhardson – DUTU Secretary
Sheri Slania – DUTU Treasurer

Quick Link for PUA info



Pick Times:



Email from Beth Lapa
Tuesday May 26th at 2:08pm

Summer 2020 Work for Bid

Good Afternoon,
It is really starting to feel like summer, hopefully you are all out enjoying the warmth and sunshine.
Please reference the below link for summer work available. On this sheet you will find 14 positions for bus washing. There are 11 driver positions and 3 assistant positions available, same program we ran last year.
On Thursday, you will be expected to call into the main number by your pick time. So if your pick time is listed at 6:30 AM, then you can start calling into dispatch at 6:25 AM. If we do not receive a call from you by the pick times listed, we will assume you are passing on the work.
We will send out a robo call and email when all driver and assistant slots are filled, notifying the team that pick is closed. This bid sheet is a live document, so you will also be able to view who is picking as we go.
After pick day, we will follow our normal summer procedures and post any new work through Teleposting. Instructions on Teleposting will be sent to the team at a later date in the near future.
Our main number to call on Thursday is 847-888-5095.
If there are any questions, please call our main number for clarification.
Take care. Stay safe and healthy.
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
Email from Beth Lapa
May 22, 2020
Transportation Personal Items Pick Up
Good Afternoon Team,
Happy Friday! I hope this email finds you all well and staying healthy!
Below you will find a link to complete if you are in need of picking up personal items from your bus and/or your locker. Please complete this form by Friday, May 29th. Our plan is to start item pick up on Monday, June 8th.
The plan for pick up will be a drive up/hand off procedure in order to keep you from exiting your vehicle and/or opening your car door. If applicable, office staff will be placing your items in your trunk, which will allow for minimal contact.
We understand that there may be some items that belong to multiple people from the same bus, and in those instances, we will have the items separated by bus and placed on a table for you to pick up what belongs to you.
After we collect the information from the form, we will be sending out another email the week of June 1st that includes the day and time slot for pick up for all who have responded to the form.
If you have a locker that has a lock on it, this time slot will allow for you to enter the building and retrieve those items as well. If your locker is unlocked, we will have those items collected for you to retrieve when you pull up to the building.
Please keep in mind, this is not a time to come to the garage to socialize and catch up with each other. So if you are filing out this form, it is because you NEED the items on your bus and/or out of your locker.
The staff that will be assisting in this event will be wearing masks and gloves, we ask that you practice wearing personal protective equipment, as well as, adhering to social distancing guidelines.
If there are any questions, please call our main line at 847-888-5095 for assistance.
Take care and stay safe and healthy.
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
Posted May 18, 2020
Hello DUTU Members,
Please see the special edition newsletter containing information and candidate statements for the upcoming DUTU election.
Email from Carin Bjorn
May 14, 2020 at 10:11am
Good morning,
So many of you have emailed me with good news of you taking your class online. Congratulations! I know this has been a struggle for some of you that didn’t have your district email setup prior to this week. Thank you to all those that have helped our team members get through this. I can tell you, many, many hours have been spent this week to help. Again, thank you!
There are several of you that did not receive the emails from the ROE as expected. I have spoken to many of you but wanted to give everyone knowledge of events. This error had to do with the initial email address provided to the ROE was incorrect. A separate spreadsheet was sent yesterday afternoon with the correct information and the ROE planned on making the correction and sending out to the revised email address. However, this morning the ROE decided to reschedule those individuals for the class for those affected for Tuesday, May 19th rather than send out an updated email for today’s class.
Let me give you an example. The initial spreadsheet was sent to tomhelgerson@u-46.org The email address should have read thomashelgerson@u-46.org Because of this error, Tom did not receive the email from the ROE. Again, not Tom or anyone affected is at fault. But I do apologize. I’m sure after the struggle and frustration of getting into your district email this week and anticipating taking the class, only to be disappointed when no email came through. Discouraging. I understand. And I do apologize for this. There will be no charge to anyone that was unable to take the online class today because of this error. After I receive confirmation from the ROE of your attendance and completion, you will be paid (2) hour for your refresher class.
Stay well and healthy!
Carin Bjorn
Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315
Email from Carin Bjorn
May 13, 2020 at 4:57pm

Hello team members,

Are you ready?   I think so  *.*
Every driver was contacted today.  All 335 of you.  If you’re reading this email from your district email address, high 5!  You’re ready to take the online refresher class tomorrow.   If you’re reading this from mydutu.org website in which Heather posts for you, you’ll need to reach out to the helpdesk@u-46.org and receive assistance to provide a new password.  
Several of us took the class on Tuesday so we would be prepared for any concerns or calls that may come on Thursday.  Paulette put together a Word document with some helpful hints that you can use along the way.  I’ve attached the document to the end of this email.  To open the document, double click on the  attachment “Online Refresher Helpful Hints” and you’ll see each helpful hint listed.    
The class curriculum is informative, thought provoking, encouraging, reminds you that your career choice as a school bus driver is essential.  Oh, and the tests are not difficult.  Don’t worry.  You’ll pass.  All the others passed on Tuesday.  In fact, I’ve received their certificate of completion from the Regional Office of Education already!
I don’t want anymore anxiety and stress to come your way regarding the process and getting your U-46 email address up and running.  Now that you have it, check it often.  I’m sure you’ve read the emails from Beth, Tony, Human Resources, as well as me.   One of our team members had over 1,200 emails to read (or delete) in her account.  She hadn’t ever signed in before.  I’m sure she’s still reading them.  Or deleting them!
Things happen.  Life is life.  We’re going through uncharted waters and navigating our way to and from.   If by chance, you are unable to take the online refresher class tomorrow, reach out to me by email.  Those of you that sent a text to Heather earlier today, I’m aware of you.  We’ll work it out.  I’m not going to allow anyone to compromise their CDL or to fail in the process.  Each one of you is a necessity to make this operation run.  Remember that.  *.*
You got this!  You’re ready!


Carin Bjorn

Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation 
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL   60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315
Email from Beth Lapa
May 12, 2020 at 10:19am
Good MorningTeam,
We hope this email finds you all well. We wanted to give an update regarding summer school.
The district will be continuing distance learning for the summer. So that means, there will be no in-district face to face summer programs.
There may still be a possibility for a few of our out-of-district therapeutic facilities to have full or part-time face to face instruction over the summer, however those decisions have not yet been determined.
We also want to continue our postings for extra work over the summer, like bus washing, however this too is undecided as of now.
We will ensure to keep the team updated as soon as information becomes available to us.
So in light of the possibilities for some summer work, please reference below sheets for pick time assignments for summer 2020.
Lastly, we are developing a plan for the department to pick up personal belongings from the buses and lockers. We will have this communication out over the next couple weeks, please stay tuned.
Please continue to monitor your district email for important messages from Tony Sanders and other departments.
Please continue to stay safe and healthy.
Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020
Unemployment Insurance/PUA update.
May 11, 2020 
Hello again everyone. I hope that you all had a good weekend. There were a couple updates on unemployment we would like to share. First, attached is a one-page document IEA put together to summarize the expansion of unemployment benefits under the CARES Act. Second, is the following:
IEA is trying to get some guidance from IDES on whether the COVID-19’s impact will impact the way it assesses claims by education employees who are applying for benefits between school terms.
Even if we get some input from IDES it is important to know that IDES makes determinations whether someone is eligible and it is done on a case-by-case basis. You should also keep in mind that if you receive benefits, but are later found to be ineligible for whatever reason, you could be liable to pay that money back to the state.
Hope you all are safe and healthy. I will keep sharing information about unemployment as it is received.
“IDES is encouraging every individual who is unemployed or underemployed to file a claim for regular unemployment benefits, even if they believe they are not covered by the unemployment system. According to IDES, applying for and being denied regular unemployment benefits can be evidence that an individual qualifies for benefits under the PUA program which provides benefits to individuals who are unemployed or underemployed for reasons attributable to COVID-19 and not otherwise covered by the state’s regular unemployment insurance program.”
Email from Carin Bjorn
May 11, 2020 at 2:39pm

Hello team members,

Management, Route Assistants & Mechanics:
The rest of the email is addressing the mandatory (2) Hour Refresher class mandated by the Secretary of State to complete annually for the CDL permit holders.    However, I didn’t want to ignore the rest of you that may be reading this.  I do hope you’re safe, social distancing and staying healthy!
I’m excited to announce the Regional Office of Education has completed the online refresher class.  It is crucial you have your login username and password for your district email account.  We have been stressing the importance of logging into the account for some time now.  Let’s say you have forgotten your email password.  You will need to sign into your personal email account and send an email to the helpdesk@u-46.org  The helpdesk will assist you from there.  Do not wait until the day of the class to take care of this.  Again, emailing the HelpDesk at helpdesk@u-46.org from your personal email account is the expectation.  Calling the HelpDesk will only prolong the process.  Email only.
Email helpdesk@u-46.org to receive a temporary password which you will enter on the School District U-46 Password Management site.  Click the link below to change the password: 
Let me go over the requirements of the online class and explain how this will work.
You will receive an email on your district email Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 12:01 am with login credentials.  The online course is designed to take no more than two hours to complete.  Once the course begins, it must be completed on the same day.  The class is intended to be taken on an Ipad or laptop computer.   The ROE is discouraging anyone using their cell phone as the .pdf and video presentation may be compromised in viewing.  After you finish the class, the ROE will receive confirmation of your attendance and participation.  Certificates will be sent to me which I will provide to you in August.
Several of us will be taking the class tomorrow and I will then know if the site has any errors, bugs so to speak to work out before you take your class on Thursday.
Questions?  No!  Wonderful.  Thank you for your patience!  We got this *.* right?  Right!  OK if you have questions, email me!
Carin Bjorn
Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation 
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL   60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315
Message from Heather Weiss
Thursday 5/7/20
FYI….I have been notified today that the district will no longer be paying overtime to anyone that is agreeing to do work that is being offered. Just wanted to share since the district has not done so!!!!! 😡
Email from Carin Bjorn
Monday 5/4 at 2:47pm
Hello team members,
As I’ve said before, hang in there. Continue to practice social distancing. Mimimum 20 second hand washing. Wear a mask. Go out into the public only when necessary. The well being of you and your loved ones must remain the priority.
(2) Hour Refresher classes
As you know, all the classes have been canceled. The Illinois State Board of Education has given authorization to the Regional Office of Education to develop the curriculum for online. I’m confident it will be something like the GCN training module. I’ll send a separate email with the “how-to’s” once the ROE has finalized the steps. If we should go beyond our previous refresher class held May 17, 2019, the State has provided an additional 30 day grace period.
CDL Permit Expiring in June or July
Drivers that have their permit expiring during the month of June or July will be contacted by phone this week by me. The drivers will be given authorization to have the annual physical performed at Advocate Sherman on Royal Blvd in Elgin. Appointments must be made by calling Advocate at (224) 783-4440, press 1. Hours of operation are 7:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday thru Friday and 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Holiday. Advocate has a triage screening process in place for anyone being seen that will protect both patients and staff members. The SOS has provided a 30 day grace period, however, please do not wait until the permit’s final validation date.
Once you arrive and sign in, you’ll receive the Secretary of State recertification form to complete. This is the same form you would be given if at base. Complete the form, sign and provide a check or money order for $4.00, payable to the Secretary of State or SOS. Return the form and either the check or money order to the nurse and he/she will place it with the physical. Each Friday, I pick up the physicals along with the recertification form and check or money order. The form requires specific information to be completed by Janis or Shelly (me in their absence). The original will be sent by FedX overnight to the Secretary of State. And as a reminder, don’t forget to sign the form or check/money order.
Once your permit has been received and renewed, the SOS will send you a confirmation letter. I will need a copy of this letter for your file. You can provide a scanned copy and send it to my email address or wait until we’re together again and make a copy. Whichever works best for you.
For all the drivers whose CDL permit expires beyond July, a follow up email will be sent at another time.
Driver’s License
Have you received notification that your permit has expired? You may be thinking: How’d this happen? My permit isn’t up for renewal until ??? Consider this. Have you had a birthday recently? Did your driver’s license expire this year, 2020? Well, happy belated birthday! If so, there isn’t anything you can do to renew your driver’s license until government agencies reopen. So,drive with extreme caution. A 30 day extension has been given for anyone whose driver’s license has or will expire. In the future, remember you can renew your driver’s license 364 days in advance!
Route Assistant Physicals
You can take your physical beginning June 1st through August 1st for the upcoming school year. No additional paperwork will be needed from you. Be sure and let Advocate on Royal know that you are an assistant which has a different physical than a CDL IDOT physical. Contact the number listed above and be sure to review their time of operation.
Any questions, please reach out to me by using the district email of carinbjorn@u-46.org
Until we’re all together again, stay safe, be strong and remain healthy!
Carin Bjorn
Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315


InService meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow 5/1. Buildings are closed except for distribution of food services/chrome books, Governor has issued a stay at home order with social distancing guidelines for essentials. There is NO InService Meeting tomorrow. I’ve been told we will still be paid.

April 28, 2020

We have worked on a Q & A to try and answer questions that we have been receiving. We will continue to share information as much as we can. Any questions please let us know.  We have also made this available on our Union website. www.mydutu.org



Email from Beth Lapa
Transportation Update – 4/17/2020

Hi All,

I hope everyone and their families are doing well.

I wanted to notify the department that there are new positions posted on AppliTrack.

Assistant Manager – 12 mos (non DUTU)
Dispatcher – 10 mos (DUTU)
Vehicle Technology Assistant – 10 mos (non DUTU)

We are filling 2 Assistant Manager positions, 2 Dispatcher positions, and 1 Vehicle Tech Assistant. If you are interested in any of these positions, please click the link below to be directed to the District’s online application platform. The applications will be pulled and reviewed over the next 10 business days, so please complete this process at your earliest convenience.


Additionally, we are extending our Summer Work Sign Up until 5/1/2020. We will be posting our summer pick times the following week, beginning May 4th. Below is the link to the form to fill out for summer work.


Please stay safe and healthy, and please ensure to continue to practice physical distancing and wearing personal protective equipment if you must go out into the public

Take care and talk soon.

Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020


Email from Beth Lapa
Monday April 6 at 3:46pm

Good Afternoon Transportation Team and Happy Monday. I hope you and your families are staying safe, healthy and as positive as you can during this time.

Let’s begin with working days….As Tony Sanders shared in his message on April 3rd, DUTU employees will be paid for their primary position during the time the Governor has ordered the shelter in place, which is currently through April 30th. During this time, DUTU members should be available to assist when called, complete assigned GCN tutorials and be back up for food and/or chromebook distribution if contacted by these respective departments.
Also, there are a number of free online training classes out there to participate in. Please be on the lookout for an email from Carin inviting you to attend some of these training opportunities.

That brings me to a very important topic, if you cannot access your district email, PLEASE email the help desk at helpdesk@u-46.org for assistance. There are daily emails sent from Tony Sanders and other departments that contain essential information for you during this time. Your district email will be the only form of communication that will be used by the Transportation Department.

Moving on to permits and refresher courses…All refresher classes are canceled. Once we are able to reschedule the classes we will communicate this with you. The drivers that have their permit expiring the month of April and May will be contacted this week by Carin and she will discuss the renewal process with you. Please reference Carin’s email that was sent today, April 6th, for more information.

Additionally, we currently have 2 forms that have been created for the DUTU team to access. They are both simple sign up forms. One was sent out on March 24th to sign up for extra work that may become available through our district’s closure. The second form is to sign up if you are interested in summer work. It is the second link below. Both these forms will be posted on the DUTU Facebook page as well.

Link for Extra Work Sign Up: https://forms.gle/Ksou8nqLvMWVPJ9m9

Link for Summer School Interest: https://forms.gle/QDfprgBURWMqZ7Py6

Lastly, paychecks…if you see a line on your paystub that states DPD DUTU, that stands for District Paid Days. This is the code that Payroll created to populate DUTU hours and payout during the district’s closing.

Please stay safe and healthy. Updates will be provided when available.

Thank you,

Beth Lapa
Assistant Director
School District U-46 Transportation
847.888.5095 ext. 7020

Email from Carin Bjorn
Sent to our district email on 4/6/20 at 12:15 pm
Hello team members,
As I’ve said before, hang in there. The well being of you and your loved ones is the priority. I’ve washed my hands so much they’ve begun to peel. Seriously! Being able to come and go as we have prior to Covid 19 is certainly a luxury we took for granted. Eating out. Traveling. These things and more will return to us one day and may we never forget how we came together, persevered and reached the other side.
(2) Hour Refresher Classes have been cancelled. The rescheduled date(s) have not been finalized yet.
CDL Permit Expiring in April and May:
Drivers that have their permit expiring during the month of April or May will be contacted by phone on Tuesday, April 7th by me. These drivers will be given authorization to have the annual physical performed at Advocate Sherman on Royal Blvd in Elgin. Appointments must be made and you may contact Advocate at (224) 783-4440, press 1. Hours are 7:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, Sunday, Holiday. Advocate has a triage screening process in place for anyone being seen that will protect both patient and staff member.
Once you arrive and sign in, you will be given the Secretary of State Re-Certification form to complete. This is the same form you would be given if at base. You should complete, sign and provide a check or money order for $4.00, payable to the Secretary of State. Return the form and check/money order to the nurse and he/she will place it with the physical. I’ll be picking up the physicals each Friday along with your Re-certification form and check. I will provide the necessary information needed and overnight by FedX to the Secretary of State. Don’t forget to sign and date the form and also your check/money order.
Any questions, please reach out to me by using the district email carinbjorn@u-46.org.
For all the drivers whose CDL permit expires beyond May, not to worry. We’ll work out a solution. To all the route assistants, be well.
Until we’re together again, stay safe and healthy!
Carin Bjorn
Safety & Operations Manager, Transportation
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315


Tony Sander’s weekly message
Emailed Friday April 3, 2020

I continue to be inspired by all of you. Our teachers participated in professional learning a week ago and again this Monday. By Tuesday, all were engaging students in learning using a variety of platforms. I know the toll this transition has taken, but I have appreciated seeing how you are modeling resilience for our students as they learn in these new conditions. The photos from our “first day of school” (which is what it felt like to me) that parents and others posted warmed my heart.
I know this is not ideal. I know we all want to work together. To collaborate. To lift each other up in person. While I know it is not possible to do so in person, it is possible to call a friend or colleague to check in on them (not Facebook messenger or text). I encourage each of you to call a colleague to check on their well-being this weekend. We must continue to be there for each other even if we are physically isolated.
I’m proud to share that our Food and Nutrition Services, along with our Distribution Center and other staff, have produced and distributed 303,057 meals and 101,019 snacks since March 17 (less than three weeks). I hope that uplifts you the same way it does me. If you see a colleague disseminating or producing meals, please take a moment to thank them.
I shared this last week, and it remains the case, that the following employees will work remotely and be paid for their primary position during the time the Governor has ordered the shelter in place (which is currently through April 30):

Administrators and 12-month non-union support staff (gray area)
ETA members and long-term substitute teachers;
ESSO members;
DUSA members;
DUEA members, including paraprofessionals (general education, special education, library), home school liaisons, sign language interpreters, and piano accompanists;
DUTU members;
SEIU members
Dean’s Assistants
Noon-Hour Supervisors
Part-time Hall Monitors

If you are a regularly scheduled employee but you do not see your particular group on this list, you will still be paid for your primary role. Expect further guidance from your supervisor regarding your duties during remote learning.

All my best,


Please note the BOLD section in this joint statement.

Email from Ann Chan
March 28, 2020

Additional Guidance On Stay at Home Order

Dear DUTU Colleagues:

Last night U-46 and DUTU leadership collaborated on the work expectation for Region 63 Education Support Professionals during the current Stay at Home Order, below is our joint agreement. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Be safe and healthy out there!

All members will work remotely, to the best of the individual’s ability, with any exceptions being noted below within each group. Members will be paid as normal upon our return from Spring Break on Monday, March 30. Monday will not be a student attendance day, rather an inservice (virtual) for all teachers.

Members do not need to punch in or punch out unless physically working at a U-46 building.

The following applies for the time period of Tuesday, March 31 through April 7 or until such time as the Governor ends the Stay at Home Order. Salaries and benefits will continue to be paid.

In the event the Governor lifts the stay at home order, but keeps schools closed, employees may be called to assist in getting the district departments and all schools ready for when schools reopen.

Duties to be performed remotely by group are as follows:

Be available to assist when called.
Do GCN and/or other professional growth or online offerings (IEA/NEA has no cost PD).
Back up for food distribution if contacted by Food and Nutrition Services.



Ann H. Chan
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
847-888-5000 ext.4071
847-888-7188 fax

Email from Tony Sanders
3/27 at 8:15pm

The sense of community across U-46 is so amazing. I have loved seeing teachers checking in with their students using online platforms, even over spring break. Principals meeting with teachers…also while technically on break. Princpals reading to kids on social media…or creating a clever video about social distancing.
I have so much gratitude for so many. The Food and Nutrition Services staff members who have produced and distributed to date 200,100 meals and 66,700 snacks. Our Distribution Center staff and ESSO members ensured delivery of those meals, and coordinated the pickup and then delivery of Chromebooks to families. A whole team of instructional directors, coordinators, teacher leaders, and principals who worked day and night to ready our system for remote learning. A Family and Community Engagement Department that has ensured families are kept up to date on everything we are doing. While I have received a lot of personal thank yous this week, the real thanks go to all those noted above among many, many more.
I know a lot of employees are concerned about their paychecks upon our return from spring break, March 30. Here is what I currently can share, though guidance on what each person’s work schedule and duties will look like will come in a separate communication based on your role.
During remote instruction days the follow employees will work remotely and be paid for their primary position:

Administrators and 12-month non-union support staff (gray area)
ETA members and long-term substitute teachers;
ESSO members;
DUEA members, including paraprofessionals (general education, special education, library), home school liaisons, sign language interpreters, and piano accompanists;
DUTU members;
SEIU members
Dean’s Assistants
Noon-Hour Supervisors
Part-time Hall Monitors

If you are a regularly scheduled employee but you do not see your particular group on this list, you will still be paid for your primary role. Expect further guidance from your supervisor regarding your duties during remote learning.
All my best,


Message from Carin Bjorn
March 26, 2020 at 3:19pm

Hello Team Members,

I’m sure most of you are ready to get back to work. Set the alarm. Lay the clothes out. Lunch made. The daily routine you’ve developed Monday thru Friday. I don’t have any additional information to provide that you don’t already know. To the staff that have children at home, this is an especially difficult time for everyone in the home. Hang in there. We’ll be together soon!

I’ve been working with the Regional Office of Education, ROE in Geneva and I can share with you the upcoming (2) hour Refresher classes scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st, Thursday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 4th have been canceled. The other Refresher classes are being discussed for their continuance. Once a decision has been made, I’ll reach out via email and Heather Weiss will post on the DUTU website. I’ve asked if it’s possible to have an online course similar to our GCN training, although it currently isn’t available, the ROE is researching the idea.

Regarding your CDL permit: The Secretary of State is providing an additional 30 day grace period to have the physical and paperwork completed. For the team members who will need to renew your permit during the month of April and May, Advocate Sherman Immediate Care on Royal Blvd is the only location performing the annual physicals at this time; but in order to not expose yourself to others needlessly, I’m asking you to wait to take your physical.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay well!

Carin BjornSafety & Operations Manager, Transportation
School District U-46
500 Shales Parkway
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 888-5095, x7315


Here is link for opportunity for paid volunteer work



Hey all,
Just wanted to give you all an update on the March 31, 2020 DUTU/Region 63 election. The new date for this election will be APRIL 17, 2020.
This date was chosen because it is in the election plan as the run off date if needed.
Also, please remember to email your Bios for the Special Edition Election Newsletter to Tina Semock or Heather Weiss by 5 pm Wednesday March 25th. You can even submit a bio if you are wanting to be a write-in for any positions.
Tina Semock: tsemock@sbcglobal.net
Heather Weiss: heathermweiss@yahoo.com

Covid-19 Quick Links





Robo Call from Beth Lapa

March 20th at 2:40 pm

Good Afternoon Transportation…

To begin with, take a deep breath…..remaining calm and keeping an open mind through this uncertain time is crucial.

I know you all have questions, concerns, fears and want some answers, and Jeff and I are doing our best to provide those answers to you and any other updates that we have. Please understand though, there are a lot of answers we do not have, because ultimately the District as a whole does not have the answers either. This is new territory for everyone….

With that said, there ARE communication emails being sent out every night by Tony Sanders to staff and families of U-46. These emails are also being posted on the DUTU Facebook page by Heather Weiss, as well as on the u-46.org\COVID website. This website was created to keep the U-46 communities up to date with announcements from the District as well as provide resources for families in need in our surrounding communities.

Things have also changed here at Base since our last message. As of today, the mechanics will no longer be reporting to work. They will only be called upon for repairs needed on warehouse vehicles distributing food and/or Chromebooks to our campuses. Jeff and I will also be primarily working remotely, performing limited building checks throughout the days to come. So this means that the building and the lot are closed until further notice.

Now let’s talk about the student at Independence who tested positive for COVID-19….this student was NOT a bus rider. However, that is the extent of details that Jeff and I have. The confidentiality of this student and their family is important, so no other information is being released to us. I understand this may not resolve the fear you have around the fact that a student has the virus, but please know, this will be the first of many cases within our U-46 community and all we can do is practice what the CDC is recommending. Please visit their website at CDC.gov for how to protect you and your family from the spread of the virus and the symptoms to look out for if you are feeling ill.

Let’s move on to an update of the 2 Hr Refresher course. Carin Bjorn is currently working with the ROE on this matter and will communicate to the team when she has solid answers. But please do not worry about this, there will be a plan to accommodate.

Also, if you are looking to get your physical done during this time, the Advocate location at 2320 Royal Blvd is open daily and the location you want to visit for your physical. The other 2 Advocate locations are being used to treat the sick.

Lastly, as of now, there has been no additional communication on extending our District’s closing. We will ensure to update the team promptly if that changes.

Jeff and I will continue to update the team, at least weekly, on the information being provided to us. Please take care and be safe. Thank you.


January 2020 PLEASE REVIEW

We discussed at our last General Membership Meeting that our Trip Committee has been working with Management to update our Trip Procedure Manual. Please take some time to look through the proposed changes. You can ask questions in the comments and/or see Laura Taets, Mary Boyd and Tina O’Farrell.  This is also available on our Private DUTU Members Only Facebook Page.

2020 Trip Procedures (2)


Frequently Asked Questions…. click here Q & A


Dues Increase part 2 from 2017/18 IEA/RA Conference




News Articles on Janus Case



Please click on link below for a short video by IEA President Kathi Griffin




Executive Officers

President: Heather Weiss

Vice President: Macy Morales

Secretary: Shawn Bernhardson

Treasurer: Sheri Slania

Governing Council

Health & Safety : Open

Newsletter: Tina Semock

Grievance: Joe Haubert

Sunshine/Social: Kristal Day

Membership: Debby Beaupre

By Laws & Legislation: Jay Niehus

Audit: Laura Taets

Field Trips: Mary Boyd

Accident Review: Eric Shulga 

Election: Lis Lewis

Benefit Resources: Mary Thompson

A/R: Liane Pizzo

GPA: Mary Boyd

Technology: John Vercelli

Student Discipline: Sam Lowe

Staff Development: Deneen Valenti


Heather Weiss

Macy Morales

Joe Haubert

Debby Beaupre

Mary Bonner

Cathy Wyzykowski – UniServ Director

DUTU Bargaining Team

Heather Weiss

Macy Morales

Shawn Bernhardson

Sheri Slania

Joe Haubert

Teresa Mascote

Joihn Vercelli

Star Pozos

Debby Beaupre

Sam Lowe

Tina O’Farrell – alternate


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