• Local DUTU Officers, DUTU Governing Council Chairpersons and NEA/RA
  • 2/2/18 – 2/16/18 Open Nominations – (see Lis Lewis for nomination forms)
  • 2/17/18 – 3/15/18 Campaigning
  • 3/13/18 Election

Executive Officers

President: Heather Weiss

Vice President: Laura Taets

Secretary: Shawn Bernhardson

Treasurer: Sheri Slania

Governing Council

Health & Safety : Doris Parker

Newsletter: Matt Davis

Grievance: T.J. Stricklen

Sunshine/Social: Tina Semock

Membership: Debby Beaupre

By Laws & Legislation: Jay Niehus

Audit: Linda Turnquist

Field Trips: Mary Boyd

Accident Review: Joe Haubert

Election: Lis Lewis

Benefit Resources: Mary Thompson

A / R: Donna Bussie

GPA: Mary Boyd

Technology: Open

Student Discipline: Macy Morales

Staff Development: Colette Cruz


Heather Weiss

Laura Taets

Joe Haubert

Debby Beaupre

Mary Bonner

Alternates: Macy Morales



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