Last updated June 18, 2014

 New Governing Council effective June 18, 2014



President: Gary J. Snyder

Vice President: Heather Weiss

Secretary: Shawn Bernhardson

Treasurer: Sheri Slania




Health & Safety : Mike Pucket

Newsletter: Nicole Wojcik

Grievance: T.J. Stricklen

Sunshine/Social: Laura Taets

Membership: Debbie Beaupre

By Laws & Legislation: Bob Gorlewski

Audit: Linda Turnquist

Field Trips: Lovetta Honegan

Accident Review: Joe Haubert

Election: Liz Lewis

Benefit Resources: Mary Thompson

A / R: Liz Mole


Technology: Frazer Domich

Student Discipline: Cathy Woznak & Sue Hamm

Staff Development: Connie Lohs



Gary J. Snyder

Heather Weiss

Bob Gorlewski

Liz Mole Alternates: Shawn Bernhardson

Joe Haubert Sheri Slania






We need to have a short Membership Meeting so that I can have the new Governing Council approved by the Membership before their first meeting to be held on August 14, 2014.

Since most of our school buildings are closed, I’m having this short meeting outside base in the back, on June 18, 2014 at 8:30AM for your convenience. I feel more employees will be able to attend as well.

I apologize for having this type of meeting, but according to our By-Laws the new Governing Council should have been in place on Jun. 1st. The way our year ended I was not President until May 31st and the school year ended on May 30th so there was no time to get it done. I appreciate your cooperation in achieving this goal for our union.

Please make an attempt to attend this meeting.


Thank you


Your Union President

Gary J. Snyder



DUTU Agreement – 2011-16 Final with Signatures

Contract Final 2013

3 Responses to Home

  1. gary1111 says:

    There is a job opportunity at Transportation. Wayne was chosen to take Carol Gunn’s job so that leaves his Dispatch Job open until next Tuesday if anyone is interested. You have to apply on line at the U-46 Web Site. Good Luck to all that are interested.

  2. michelle says:

    i was wondering how i can do a application online

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